To Buy & Renovate..

The time has come and you are ready to buy a home. Could be your first home or it could be your third, but each time is still a challenge. Buying a home involves finding the perfect space and layout that best suits you. To find a move-in ready home that perfectly suits your needs and standards is very hard to come by and in the miracle that you do find this, you will sure pay for it!

This prompts many people to factor the option of buying and renovating into their decision-making when searching for homes on the market. Buying and renovating opens many doors and can fulfill so many wants and desires that buying a move-in ready cannot fulfill.

The buying and renovating option; however, does come with it’s list of commands. For one, you will need a well-experienced real estate broker to find those homes on the market that fall within your budget with taking a renovation into account. Along with a broker, you will need a designer. The designer will be able to see passed what exists and will be able to determine if the skeleton of the home has potential for what you are looking for in your new home.

Once you have purchased your new home, you will now begin your renovation process. Your next team will consist of your designer and an architect. Plans will be drawn up. Now, all your wants and custom ideas are on paper and you begin to have this wonderful vision on what your life will be like in your new home.

The last and final link on your buying and renovating chain is hiring a team who will not only meet your expectations but exceed them. This team is your General Contractor. Our team at Capital Craftsmen have performed renovations in some of the most high-end buildings in Manhattan and have also built custom homes from the ground up in the Hamptons and Montauk. We are the team that will turn your designer’s renderings and architect’s 2-dimensional drawings into your new reality.

Enjoy a first-hand look at the Before & After pictures below of one of our most prestigious renovations to date at 1105 Park Avenue.