Renovating a Bathroom? Tips to Save..



New bathrooms come with a price. A mid-range bathroom renovation in NYC – replacing all the fixtures and tile – will run for about $25,000. A higher end renovation – changing the layout, adding heated flooring – would bump up that cost to nearly $75,000. With that said, there are still ways to keep costs down when renovating a bathroom.


Tile installation is already labor intensive and purchasing large quantities of tile could skyrocket your costs. Top NYC interior designers suggest using tile only in the shower. A simple subway tile could go a long way. Another alternative; instead of using border tile, you can substitute with aluminium trim to hid unglazed tile edges.


Why pay for an entire slab of granite when all you need is a small piece to cover the top of a vanity? Stone fabricators sell remnants of slabs for those in need of small quantities. Certain stores and online sites sell overstocked and/or discontinued lines for as much as 80% off.


A mirror adds style to the space and opens up a wide choice of price options. You can also go as big as the room will support, so the space ends up looking bigger and more grand.


Some material may cost less to purchase but cost more to install. Tile for example is labor intensive. An alternative would be wall panels. Overall, panels cost more, but they take less time to install therefore leading to an overall cheaper route that tile.

Space Saving Ideas for Your Small Bathroom

1105 Park Ave-5CD-Bath 2

1105 Park Avenue

In many cases, baths are already among the smallest rooms in a home—so what do you do when yours is especially petite? Here are a few tips & tricks on making your small space appear larger.

1.) Rethink your sink: Pedestal sinks can be attractive and have a nice vintage quality, but they’re not great when it comes to storage. You’re dealing with a basin you can barely put a bar of soap on! If you have a lot of accouterments, go with a console sink with a flat top or a converted cabinet with an under mount sink. You’ll have so much extra space, whether it’s to hang towels or store things behind doors or in drawers.

Guest Bath 2

169 Hudson Street

2.) Creative fittings: A wall-mounted faucet is a very smart space-saver. Not only does it give you bonus counter space, it’s actually much easier to clean.

515 E. 89th Street, Bath detail

515 East 89th Street

4.) Create space you don’t have: If you can, hire a professional to cut into the walls just a bit to create a shallow recessed medicine cabinet. Or have them create a tile or marble recess in the shower, one just small enough to store your shampoo bottles.

500 E 77 St-2925-Bath B 1

500 East 77th Street

Throughout our portfolio (including all of the above), you will see various bathroom designs  all fitting to each client’s needs. Our goal is to always give each renovation the attention it deserves and exceed your expectations; after all, we are Contractors of Distinction.