Keyless Entry System via Smartphone

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Forgetting your keys at home or getting locked out of your apartment will soon be a mundane problem of the past Рwell, at least if you live in a luxury building. A new keyless entry system is being introduced into a handful of residential buildings across the city, and its success could make riffling through a pesky set of keys totally obsolete, the New York Times reports. Buildings are staring to experiment with apps like  Latch and KISI that allow you to control the lock on your door through a smartphone.

While several office buildings and private homes have already experimented with similar mechanisms, real estate developers have been hesitant to install the technology due to the cost and the security factor, but services like Latch offer several comprehensive features that override some of those concerns.

For instance, there won’t be a need for spare keys anymore. The app will produce a unique code that residents can then share with people to access the apartment – baby sitters, delivery persons, and guests who then input it into an electronic key pad located on the lock. And for the purpose of safety, the owner of the home can revoke access whenever they chose as well.


This touch pad also comes enabled with a camera and thus acts as a keyhole, and what’s more – if you lose or forget your phone somewhere you always have the option of inputting a code into the touch pad or using a physical key.

And the features don’t end there – the same device can also be used as a key for various other amenities in the particular building – gym, pool, storage, etc.

Latch was created by Swedish designer Thomas Meyerhoffer. KISI has already been used by several offices and is now moving into residential territory.